7 Successful People Who Use Vision Boards

It’s been a part of the motivational speaker’s mantra for many years. Find someone who has or is doing what you want and model what they do. When you see successful people who use vision boards, you can see how they attracted a new partner or won an award that means everything to them. You can do the same thing by following their path to success. Here are seven successful people who created the life they desired.


Jack is a successful author and speaker. He is also a master of vision boards. Jack claims he first began visualizing by making a cheque for 100K and placing it above his bed so that he could see it upon waking. At the time he started this, he was making $8,000 a year. When he realized success from that, his wife wondered if it would work for any amount of money? Jack believed in the law of attraction, so he created a check for 1 million dollars. Now it is highly likely you have heard of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” book series. Yes, Jack’s first million dollar check received was a royalty check for that very first book in his impressive series. Jack has gone on to teach people how to create vision boards and even has vision boards that you can download from one of his sites. His vision board hangs on the back of his bedroom door, where he sees it multiple times, plus a folding vision board he takes with him on his many business travel dates.

Lucinda Cross

Lucinda was a typical college student until she made a costly mistake. This mistake landed her in prison. She determined at that time that prison would not define her as a person and made it a mission to change her life and create what she wanted. She discovered vision boards and now has many talents listed to her name. She is a bestselling author, motivational speaker and leader. Her purpose in life is to teach women how to use vision boards to create a positive, healthy lifestyle and she has stated that health is number one in her vision board because, without good health, nothing else matters.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is an outstanding comedian and television host. However even as successful as she is, there are things she desires to bring into her life and uses vision boards to make that happen. Ellen is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey and loved her magazine, called “O.” Oprah used the magazine to promote herself and did not put other people on the cover. That didn’t stop Ellen. She started doing mock-ups of herself in various clothing and putting herself on her mock cover of “O.” This not only put out her dream to the universe, but it also attracted Oprah to understand how much Ellen desired to be on the cover. Oprah made it her mission, to make Ellen’s dream come true and Ellen got her “O” cover as she desired.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah comes from very humble beginnings. She worked hard and got into television before starting her own very successful television show. The idea of a vision board didn’t come to her mind until she had a meeting with Michele Obama and a few other powerful women. Michele asked for her friends to visualize her husband, Barack becoming President of the United States. Oprah’s first board was a simple affair and included a picture of the dress she would wear when Barack Obama was elected president. Since then Oprah continued to use vision boards and taught a master class on how to create a powerful vision board.

John Asaraf

John is known as a very successful entrepreneur and was featured in the documentary, “The Secret.” His vision board story is simply amazing. John had built a vision board, and in the centre, he placed a photograph of a house he desired. He continued to work hard and achieve many things. A few years later, John and his family went house hunting and found one that they loved. It wasn’t until they were moving in and John pulled his vision board from a box to show his son that he realized the house he bought was the exact one he visualized. The picture that John had placed on the vision board was a view of the back end of the house, so when he and his family first looked at purchasing the house, and upon seeing the front of the house, they fell in love with it.

 Steve Harvey

Steve loves life. You can tell by watching his television programs and hosting gigs. He is one of the most powerful believers in not only vision boards but taking action and making sure the universe knows what he wants. Steve has multiple vision boards for every purpose. He knows how to think and takes massive action on giving back while receiving his blessings from the universe. One way that Steve stays on top of the hosting game is making sure that the number of views he needs, is at the forefront of his mind. Steve has stated that he gets his tailor to embroider the number 3.5 on the cuffs of his shirts, suit jacket and pants. The number represents the rating he needs from the television network to be at the top. He is constantly thinking of ways to attract what he desires for him and his family.

Katy Perry

Katy got a very early start with vision boards. In grade four, her teacher explained to the class what a vision board was and how to make your dreams come true. Katy searched for images of Selena, her favourite singer and who had won a Grammy for her efforts. In the centre of her vision board, Katy posted a picture of Selena holding her Grammy. Katy knew at an early age that she wanted to follow in Selena’s footsteps and took the actions to make that happen. What incredible success from the mind of a child in grade four. It is a testimonial for anyone who has children and wants to incorporate family vision boards into their daily lives.

Vision Boards and The Power of Visualization

Vision Boards and The Power of Visualization

Vision boards give you focus and clarity on what you want in your life. After completing a vision board, look at it to see what emotions it brings out in you. You should feel positive, excited and charged with energy to make it happen. Some people will look at their board and not feel the same emotions. They may feel they are not worthy or that something always happens to make their dreams crash. They may also look at the board and think to themselves that they cannot visualize positivity into their life.

The big issue here is understanding that everyone visualizes already. Sadly many people have no issue visualizing bad things happening. They have done it so often, without realizing what they are doing, that it is a habit. This bad habit creates not only more unwanted things coming into their lives but also brings stress and depression. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever visualized something going completely wrong? How did you feel? Write down the emotions that come to mind. Now think about how to turn that around. You should be making a list of emotions you want to feel every day. You need to break the bad habit and incorporate the new positive one. Every time, you start to visualize doom and gloom, tell yourself in a loud internal voice to “Stop Now!” This also works well if you say it out loud in front of family, friends and strangers. You will want to stop that bad habit of visualizing failure, and quickly.

You need to become a powerful visualizing human being. This starts today, with you building an amazing vision board and then after spending time gazing upon it and let it seep into your subconscious mind and begin full out visualization techniques. Not sure how to do that? Let’s go over one that is the very core of the famous book by Dr. Maxwell Maltz – “Psycho-Cybernetics.” There is a portion in the book that is called the Theatre of the Mind, and this section is described by many as all you really to need concentrate on. Many motivational people have put their version together as you can adjust the way you do this visualization technique. Get good at this, and you will be well on your way to fulfilling your vision board ideas.


The idea is to find a quiet place and just totally relax. Think about your brain as being a movie theatre and you are the director. A director can get serious emotions out of his audience by adjusting the lighting, the sounds and the overall look of the scene. You can direct your mind, and you need to practice this. Pretend you are in the seats, watching a movie of your life on the big screen. You see your life going perfectly; you are achieving everything you ever wanted. Adjust the sounds and lighting as needed. Pump up the volume, make the screen crystal clear. When you have it as you want it, get up from your seat and see yourself stepping into the picture while everything is still going perfectly. Now view it as if you are looking out into the world and you are on top of the world. You are the champion of your own perfect life.

Hold that vision and go back to the seat in the theatre of your mind. Now gaze intently on the screen and turn it into thousands of powerful beams of light. Bring those beams towards you and allow them to enter your body, filling you with the power of your vision. The image you saw in the screen now flows throughout your body, and you feel powerful and unstoppable.

Vision Boards; 5 Reasons Everyone Should Make One

When you make your first vision board, you get excited and want to share. Not everyone is going to be enthusiastic about the idea of creating a vision board. Many people do not understand the “why” of creating a board and that it is something everyone should do. Here are five compelling reasons, why everyone should make a vision board.

1. Life is hectic

There are many terms associated with how life is today, such as the “rat race.” In many cases, people work long hours or perhaps a multitude of jobs, believing that life is just an existance. People are pulled in many directions and lose focus on the important things in life. They become stuck in their thinking and creativity, plus the idea of believing that life can be awesome is discarded. By creating vision boards, people can see the real possibilities and therefore get back that enthusiasm for life.

2. When people are stuck, their vision becomes clouded.

As a result, everything is like a dull fog in one of those horror movies. They move to keep breathing and hope for a lotto win or someone to rescue them. Creating a vision board brings back clarity and focus because there is a definite plan in front of their eyes. Now they can see that putting it out to the universe and taking action, will indeed change their lives. Instead of guessing what may happen with their lives, they subsequently become very definitive in what they want and will take massive action.

3. People get into a fog and shift into neutral.

They shuffle along like the zombies you see in movies, with eat, work and sleep as their primary focus for the day. Doing a vision board will create huge emotions that are extremely positive. It is a way kick-starting your life from a neutral standpoint to a high gear that rockets you down the road to success.

4. Creating a vision board is entertaining

It is a way to get the creative juices flowing, have fun and be rewarded for all the positive thinking that goes into the board. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect with a partner. Imagine your relationship has stagnated a bit over the years. You have been shuffling along, taking each day as it comes. Vision boarding with your partner can help you see why you are with that person and how far you can really go in life. Planning to build your life together with passion, including travel, living arrangements and an abundance of money to use for yourselves and others, can move your relationship to the next level.

5. Do you ever wonder what you are going to do tomorrow or this week?

Is there a plan for your life or are you just winging it? Creating vision boards help lay out the framework of what your life will be, and it is a daily reminder of what needs to happen for you to get where you want to be. By creating your board or multiple boards and putting them where you can see them throughout the day, you cannot help but be guided to greatness. You will look at your board and also visualize throughout the day, allowing the universe to understand what it needs to bring to your life.