What in the Universe is The Law of Attraction?

What in the Universe is The Law of Attraction?

What IS the Law of Attraction?

I’ve spoken to people about the Law of Attraction who initially thought it was something to do with the physical attraction between the sexes. While it definitely can include this aspect of our lives it’s not what LOA is about.  The Law of Attraction is a very straightforward concept – basically, it means that you get what you focus on.  More particularly, the emotion behind what you are focused on draws more of the same to you.


What it means in day to day life

If you’re a person who is always complaining about not having enough money or never meeting a loving partner, then embracing LOA will quite definitely change your life. You say you never have enough money? That’s what you’re focusing on, and that’s what you’re getting. You say there are no decent men/women out there? You won’t meet them. If you are in a relationship and you’re focusing on what’s NOT working, well hey ho, it continues not to work.

So, what do you do to change things?

You focus on what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want.

Choose your words carefully

Change your language first. Begin to notice the words you’re using in your day-to-day life. Everybody has a bad day, and that’s fine but don’t allow yourself to wallow in it. For instance, I recently had an interview for a position I really wanted – it was exactly what I was looking for, and I felt I’d a pretty good chance of getting it.  There were four interviewees, and barely a hair separated us in terms of experience and personality. One of the others got the job. I allowed myself half an hour to feel sick about it, but then I acknowledged that whoever did get the job just had the edge on the rest of us. I got back online and within a second half hour had another interview for a job I got – at a better hourly rate!



We are 100% energy, and when my energy vibration is good, I see myself as if I’m on a luge sweeping through the universe. I’m streamlined and fluid and the more I imagine myself like this, the more my energy rises. When I’m feeling low, I see myself as banging into things, falling off the edge, knocking things over. I’ve pared it down to this so that when I see myself doing those things I give myself a shake and get back on that luge.


Once we have our energy vibration under control, we can then begin to manifest the life we want. Notice I don’t say the ‘things’ we want. Manifesting isn’t about getting the new car or skiing in Aspen – it’s about the feeling that having the new car will give us (some people will have that feeling by buying a 20-year-old car). It’s not about the thing, it’s ALL about the feeling.

You don’t say, for instance, I want a house by the beach. You do say I love feeling the sand between my toes at the end of a long day.


In my next post, I’m going to give you tips on how to manifest what you want and in the meantime why not try out my mini course for creating a Vision Board?

It’s only US$7

The Irish Rugby team and the Law of Attraction

Do the Irish Rugby team practice the Law of Attraction? 

I see eyes glazing when I begin talking about the Law of Attraction to friends and family who don’t ‘get’ it. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I have access to the best feelings in the Universe on a constant basis. This isn’t an explanatory post but rather a bit of an “I KNEW it!”. Before Saturday’s night’s historic win, Pundits talked about needing to play a physical game to beat the All Blacks, but Joe Schmidt knows that’s not enough. You have to beat them in the head ( Not literally, although it came close at times!). Devin Toner has said it. They KNEW they were going to win.

It’s not about being positive or having mental toughness, or even knowing, it’s about belief, about feelings. Every fibre of your body hums with the belief that every setback is only something to be stepped over on the way to where you see yourself ending up. On Saturday night the Irish team walked out on that field feeling how they were going to feel at the end of the game. The match itself was only a means of getting them there.

I liken that feeling to the old Readybrek advert (is it still around?). Remember the way the heat energy pulsed around the child? That’s how I see my energy, and how I saw the Irish Rugby Team on Saturday night.

How Much Time Do You Have?

We all have identical 24 hours in every day but how you make use of those 24 hours determines your level of success. Have you ever analysed which tasks you complete during the day, particularly on those days where you question where the time went? Knowing how you spend your time is part of the equation for success.

Are You A DIYer?

As a start-up business, it makes sense that you watch your outgoings and not employ outside help. Do it yourself business owners take on every job that deals with sales, marketing, invoicing, and operations, plus everything else that goes into running a new business. But if you’re working on making sales, you can’t have the time to create content for your website or social media channels. You are stretched too thin and become an expert at nothing. Very often these business owners feel overwhelmed like they’re always playing catch up instead of focusing on bringing in more business.

Do you consider yourself to be a Business Leader?

Business leaders are self-aware and accept they can’t do it all themselves. They have grand plans for the future of their business and see where strengths and weaknesses lie. These leaders will be aware of expert advisers, coaches, and assistants to handle the numerous tasks involved in the day-to-day running of their business so they can devote their time to finding new clients and building relationships while their team does what they do best.

Can You Make The Transition from DIYer to Business Leader?

Of course, you can! Find a business coach who can analyse your business operations and give advice for automation of tasks or suggestions about who to hire. They may suggest a social media manager to keep your accounts up-to-date with posts and to engage your audience. Hire a virtual assistant to manage your administration and invoicing while you’re working on sales and marketing. Think of how much extra time you will have in your day if these team members are doing these tasks within the same 24 hour time period. You will undeniably see faster growth in your business but making the decision to let go can be tough.

Now that you’re ready to grow your business contact me for a discovery call. An excellent Virtual Assistant can simplify your business operations and allow you to have time instead of making time.


What’s Your Big WHY?

What traits do super-successful trainers and small business owners share?

Experience? No.What's your big why?

Astonishing skills? No 

Strong driving force? Again, no. 

While these things can certainly help grow your business, they’re not a requirement. Plenty of people overcome a lack of experience and skill to create successful companies and some even start a business just so they don’t have to do all the hard work.

The one thing that does make a difference, though, is your big WHY.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? 

Why do you work on your computer for hours every week? 

Why do you spend far too many hours working just so you can see your business grow? 

Our big WHY is what eventually leads us to be successful, but it’s not the same for everyone. 

What is a big WHY?

Your big WHY will be different to my big WHY which in turn is different to my neighbour’s big WHY. Therefore, whatever your big WHY is, it will be personal and may have a profound meaning for you. 

For example, a victim of rape might dedicate her life to mentoring and supporting other rape victims. Her big WHY is a desire to help other rape victims through the trauma and aftermath of the rape. 

A new mother’s big WHY may be a desperate attempt to be with her child during its formative years, so she becomes self-employed to allow her to work from home. 

A young entrepreneur might want to live a different life than her parents. Her big WHY is to live her life to the fullest, and with enough money, while she’s still young enough to enjoy it, and not get caught in the same corporate world of her parents.

Do you know  your big WHY?

So, do you have a big WHY? Is it to travel, to spend more time with your children, to take long holidays and not have to worry about your income? Is it to be altruistic and live a life that is more meaningful to you. 

Whatever it is, your big WHY is the driving force behind every action you take. Whenever you’re taking on a new client, ask yourself if it’s aligned with your big WHY. When you’re setting goals for the year, ask yourself if those goals are moving you closer or further away from your big WHY. 

Thinking of branching out into a new business venture? Make sure it’s in alignment with your big WHY, and success is suddenly much more attainable.

As we start 2018 do you know what your big WHY is? Leave a comment below.


3 Dangers of Negative Thinking

We’re forever being told to embrace positive thinking, but rarely do we hear about the dangers of negative thinking. And, there are dangers in negative thinking. It is negative thinking that has brought on the lack of opportunities, the ruin of relationships, and the loss of jobs.

1.  Negative thinking results in negative actions

It is true that what you think is what you see. It is what “colours” your perspective
of the outside world. So, if you see work, friends, family members, and general life outside your home through a negative lens, it is a reflection of your own And you will be critical, pessimistic, and argumentative around anyone who is positive. You will look for and find fault in people, places, and things.

2.  Negative thinking attracts negative thinkers

You attract what you put out in the world. By thinking, speaking, and acting negatively, you are attracting critics, cynics, and negative conversations to you. While you may feel comfortable being in the company of like-minded people, take a step back and look at yourself and your group from the view of someone else.

Chances are good you will see unpleasant conversations and bleakness, which is not helpful to you or anyone else. Continue to surround yourself with negativity, and you will slip further down the path of emotional despair. Who are you attracting?

3. Negative thinking is the cause of passive-aggressive behaviour

Negative thinking causes you to feel disempowered and disenfranchised, like a victim of circumstances with no way out. Feeling this way will cause you to blame others; this leads to passive (no action or ownership) aggressive (hostile and resentful) behaviour. Nothing productive results from this kind of behaviour.

Avoiding the dangers of negative thinking is possible. Just be aware of your thoughts and who you are attracting. Understand that while there are problems in the world, at your work, or in your family, you have the power to look for positives and opportunities.

You have the power to look for something good in every person, place, or thing that crosses your path You don’t need to ignore the problems. When you focus on the positive, you’ll have the energy and resources to address those problems and, in the end, you will be much more satisfied with the results.

6 Most Popular Niches on Pinterest

There’s no definitive data yet, so this report is based on my observations while browsing, and the accepted wisdom that Pinterest is the next ‘big’ thing in social media marketing.

  1.  House and HomeBeautfiful house on Pinterest

There are numerous segments in Pinterest in this category. There are the DIY people who are looking for tutorials – and the buyers who are looking for ideas. There’s the people (like me) who love looking at beautiful homes and gardens. Colour schemes are popular for people who aren’t confident in their own decorating skills. If you want to be sure that you’re not making a fashion faux pas, arrange your searches by popularity and average customer review.

2. Crafts

I must admit this is my faPowertex bottlevourite. I’m a Powertex artist and find my inspiration in this wonderland of pins. Crafts, in general, are hugely popular on Pinterest and full of cool ideas for yourself and your family. One of my favourites that I’m dying to try when I move into my new house in a couple of weeks is using glow sticks for all sorts of decorating ideas. Pop one into a jam jar and you’ve got an outdoor lantern; throw one into the kids’ bath, turn off the lights and the bathroom becomes a secret cave and bath time is twice as much fun; put one into balloons as you blow them up and they look fabulous for night time parties. All ideas from Pinterest.

3. Travel & PlacesGouda

 Whether you’re daydreaming or making plans, looking at other people’s travel ideas is a great place to start. From countries to concerts, Pinners save everything related to holidays. Boards tend to be split between Places I’ve been and Places I want to go. Sometimes people use this category to pin their holiday home ideas and a helpful sub-category is items you need to buy or take with you for any location.

4. Food

 This category could be called Recipes as that’s the most popular sub-category. Whether it’s recipes for decadent desserts, main meal ideas or children’s snacks there are options for every cook. Do you find it difficult to get your children to eat fruit? Fill their plate with the colours of the rainbow, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries and purple grapes, and drop a piece of ice cream on top to resemble clouds and it’ll be a big hit – all from Pinterest.

5. Dieting and Fitness

 This category is all over Pinterest, whether you’re a fan of diets or not. I’m not. From brand names like Weight Watchers to motivational tips on how to lose weight a5 minutes to toned armsnd keep it off, there’s something for everyone on this roller coaster journey. Then, of course, here are the actual products you can buy for fitness training and that list seems never-ending. As someone who at one time or another had most of these torture instruments lying unused around the house, I’m much more in favour of a good walk with my dog. Lots of pins for that too!


6. Fashion

 A category whose allure is timeless. Have you heard of Polyvore.com? If you haven’t, don’t hate me – it’s also adFashion on Pinterestdictive. You create ‘sets’ of clothing that you would like to wear and you’re then given suggestions about where to source them. These ‘sets’ are also posted to Pinterest where others get inspiration. Retailers are using both Pinterest and Polyvore to drive traffic to their shopping sites.

I could write about Pinterest all day, just as I could browse the website all day, but that’s enough for now. If you’d like to know more about the top niches drop me a comment below.