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Do the Irish Rugby team practice the Law of Attraction? 

I see eyes glazing when I begin talking about the Law of Attraction to friends and family who don’t ‘get’ it. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I have access to the best feelings in the Universe on a constant basis. This isn’t an explanatory post but rather a bit of an “I KNEW it!”. Before Saturday’s night’s historic win, Pundits talked about needing to play a physical game to beat the All Blacks, but Joe Schmidt knows that’s not enough. You have to beat them in the head ( Not literally, although it came close at times!). Devin Toner has said it. They KNEW they were going to win.

It’s not about being positive or having mental toughness, or even knowing, it’s about belief, about feelings. Every fibre of your body hums with the belief that every setback is only something to be stepped over on the way to where you see yourself ending up. On Saturday night the Irish team walked out on that field feeling how they were going to feel at the end of the game. The match itself was only a means of getting them there.

I liken that feeling to the old Readybrek advert (is it still around?). Remember the way the heat energy pulsed around the child? That’s how I see my energy, and how I saw the Irish Rugby Team on Saturday night.