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You know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it. You have a piece of writing that needs better flow. You need help to tighten your writing and improve its efficiency. You’re not sure your written message conveys what you mean. Your grammar and spelling let you down Your content doesn’t have ‘readability,’ i.e., the general public would find it hard to understand what you’re saying because your expert knowledge is trapping you in technical details, in other words, you need to write in plain English.

If this is your writing, you’re exactly where you need to be!

I’m a published author with a knack for ensuring sentences, paragraphs, and pages flow in a way that carries the reader along gently, as if in a Roll Royce, rather than bumping along a dirt road in a Mini Cooper! Someone will probably take me to task for dismissing the Mini, but you get what I mean! If you want your articles, blog posts, adverts and any other piece of written content to look and sound professional, entertaining and on target, contact me through my Contact page. Based in Portlaoise, in Ireland’s Midlands, I work nationally as well as internationally.

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