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Rewritten in plain English, Heidi is a terrific read for children, for adults or for adults to read to children. 


I’m happy to say that I’ve finished reading your adaptation of Heidi and I honestly loved it! It has been one of my favourite books to read, and I’ve read a lot. I am fourteen years old and I thought this version of the story was a lot easier to read compared to the original which I was never able to finish because of the difficulty of it.
I think this book is best suited for anyone from the age of twelve years and up. The story is a lot simpler to read compared to the original but is still a bit of a challenge for younger readers who want to develop their reading skills further. 
I think it is a wonderful story and you have done it great justice. I would read it again in a heartbeat. 
I’m glad I was able to help you in some way.


Emma D

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How To Get Your House Ready For Sale in 30 Days

Step-by-step, day-by-day this book will guide you through the process of getting your house ready for sale. No more wondering what you have to do next, follow the plan and you’ll know exactly what you have to do.


A quick and encouraging read, but also thorough. The author covered areas I hadn’t thought of as I clear and clean. I’d recommend this book not only to those preparing to move, but also to anyone ready to take back their house after years of stashing unnecessary stuff.

Debbie S.

Verified Amazon Purchaser

How To Become The Go-To Person

How To Become The Go To Person, a #1 Bestseller on Amazon on two occasions and consistently in the Kindle top 20 in its category since publication.



This is a smart little book about becoming indispensable in your job. It’s a quick and easy read that covers a great deal of information, including topics (like smiling and communicating) that seem like common sense, but are very easily overlooked. The author has an engaging but no-nonsense voice. She speaks from experience and it’s clear that if you follow her advice, you will really go far in any endeavor. Though the book is focused on personal and executive assistants, the advice would work well at just about any level in the corporate structure. Full of great tips and suggestions. Well-written and well thought-out. I particularly enjoyed the parts about avoiding procrastination and looking for solutions. A very useful book

Verified Amazon Purchaser


I love the tone in which this book is written – powerfully direct at times and encouraging at others. This book is not just about being that Go to person but also how to succeed in the workplace. A must-read for anyone starting a new job or needing a fresh outlook in their existing job.I love the tone in which this book is written

What I really enjoyed about this book is that it felt like I was sitting down with my Mum and she was giving me good old fashioned down-to-earth advice.

The author outlines solid instructions and guidelines that will serve you well wherever you go. Not just in the workplace but in any relationship and in any social situation. I like the emphasis on smiling, we don’t do enough of it! And I like the encouragement of being a positive person wherever you go.

This book expertly covers being successful in an important position that is often overlooked, the administrative assistant. The author’s experience as a successful admin is apparent. The Go-To Book for Being the Go-To Person