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What traits do super-successful trainers and small business owners share?

Experience? No.What's your big why?

Astonishing skills? No 

Strong driving force? Again, no. 

While these things can certainly help grow your business, they’re not a requirement. Plenty of people overcome a lack of experience and skill to create successful companies and some even start a business just so they don’t have to do all the hard work.

The one thing that does make a difference, though, is your big WHY.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? 

Why do you work on your computer for hours every week? 

Why do you spend far too many hours working just so you can see your business grow? 

Our big WHY is what eventually leads us to be successful, but it’s not the same for everyone. 

What is a big WHY?

Your big WHY will be different to my big WHY which in turn is different to my neighbour’s big WHY. Therefore, whatever your big WHY is, it will be personal and may have a profound meaning for you. 

For example, a victim of rape might dedicate her life to mentoring and supporting other rape victims. Her big WHY is a desire to help other rape victims through the trauma and aftermath of the rape. 

A new mother’s big WHY may be a desperate attempt to be with her child during its formative years, so she becomes self-employed to allow her to work from home. 

A young entrepreneur might want to live a different life than her parents. Her big WHY is to live her life to the fullest, and with enough money, while she’s still young enough to enjoy it, and not get caught in the same corporate world of her parents.

Do you know  your big WHY?

So, do you have a big WHY? Is it to travel, to spend more time with your children, to take long holidays and not have to worry about your income? Is it to be altruistic and live a life that is more meaningful to you. 

Whatever it is, your big WHY is the driving force behind every action you take. Whenever you’re taking on a new client, ask yourself if it’s aligned with your big WHY. When you’re setting goals for the year, ask yourself if those goals are moving you closer or further away from your big WHY. 

Thinking of branching out into a new business venture? Make sure it’s in alignment with your big WHY, and success is suddenly much more attainable.

As we start 2018 do you know what your big WHY is? Leave a comment below.