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How does Writer’s Block hit you?

For me, it’s as if there’s a brick wall between me and my keyboard.

I feel I’ve written everything I know and there’s nothing left to write about.  I have found that keeping lists of ideas to dip into can help get my creative juices flowing.

Lists such as these 20 Tips below. I hope you find them useful.

  1. Resurrect an old post and do an update with new information and results you’ve had since you first wrote it.
  2.  Check out current trends and write about one that affects your niche.3. Use Google Search suggestions to help you find topics. Type in your main word(s) and see the main ideas they give you.

    4. Be controversial – change your stance on a previous post and explain why you’ve reached the change in opinion, and what difference it has made.

    5. Do a Q and A post and answer questions you’ve gotten from your readers’ comments or in your email.

    6. Read other blogs, and be open to ideas. One point in a topic they cover could be expanded into a whole new subject for you to write about. 

    7. Find questions that need answers. Visit a few groups and forums in your niche and see what’s being discussed.

    8. Use your site to sound off on a hot topic being discussed in the forums.

    9. Flip through magazines to get ideas from their headlines and articles. Browse Dummies.com and Amazon for more content topic ideas.

    10. Browse Ezine Articles using your keyword in the search function and use these articles to trigger new content ideas for you.

    11. What about the tools you use in your niche? Write about why you use them and how they’ve helped you.

    12. Look at sales pages for products in your niche and use the bullets to give you ideas on topics to write about.

    13. Go through products you’ve purchased in the past and find pointers that you could expand on in your article.

    14. List your favourite resources in your niche.

    15. Review your top 10 favorite books in your genre.

    16. The Table of Contents in a book can be a source of inspiration. Look at the chapter titles to see if they spark any ideas.

    17. Get trends, stories, and updates by email from Google.  https://www.google.co m/trends/subscriptions

    18. Search through the newsletters and periodicals you get via email and snail mail.

    19. Ask an expert in your niche three questions and write up the answers.

    20.  Use keywordtool.io – insert your keyword or topic and see some suggestions.

Every writer gets writer’s block. We all hit that brick wall sooner or later, but as you can see from these content ideas, there are ways to get around it.

Good luck on your writing journey